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Does ArcGIS Online support dynamic layers?

Question asked by branders on Mar 9, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2015 by branders

Hello All,


Our ArcGIS Server is configured to support dynamic layers.  For example we can request a dynamic layer from ArcGIS Server with a URL like this:


http://[server_url]/export?bbox=...&size=...&dpi=...&format=...&transparent=true&imageSR=...&bboxSR=...&dynamicLayers=[dynamic JSON string here]


The details of the layer to return are in the JSON string.


Is it possible to add a dynamic layer defined via a JSON string as new layer in ArcGIS Online?  (I don't see any clear way to add a dynamic layer via My Content > Add Item > Item from the web > ArcGIS Server web service, or through any other means).


Any suggestions, or even confirmation that adding dynamic layers isn't possible would be a great help.