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Creating a Popup that show related objects without having to use Object ID

Question asked by ipeebles on Mar 6, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by smcshinsky

I am currently working on building a popup that shows attributes from the feature layer and I have related object attributes that I am also wanting to display.  For related objects, we never use the Object ID, because the Object ID number changes.


Based on the ESRI samples, they use OBJECTID or JOINID.


We have a 1 to many relationship.  For example here is how the relationship works with the unique ID numbers:


Addresses: FACILITYID (Unique ID of 19305) - Feature Layer

Utility Customer Information - C_FACILITYID (unique ID of 19305) - related object view


As you can see, both field names are different, but the relationship works.  However, I am having problems getting this to work using the different field names. In this sample, the same field names are used?  Anyone know how I can change this to accept to different fields that contain the same unique ID number?  Please refer to the index.html sample.


Any feedback will greatly be appreciated.