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OLE DB Connection won't save password

Question asked by KossuthCo on Mar 2, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by KossuthCo

Hi All


I've created an OLE DB connection to an iSeries application server (IBM DB2 for i5/OS IBMDA400 OLE DB Provider).


No matter the password configuration I use (Blank Password / Password Saving), when I access the published map on another user's system, it doesn't access the information correctly.



  • Blank Password checked: Map opens without prompt, acts as if all data is accessible, but doesn't display the joined table data
  • Saved Password checked and password entered: Map opens with Server password window prompt. If entered, it displays correctly.


I want the information accessible without users being asked for a password.


Is this something I need to address in my Windows Credential Manager?