Lines that touch same polygon two times

03-15-2018 03:15 AM
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I have lines that touch neighboring polygons. But in some cases line touch same polygons two times, which I do not need.

Thus, I would like to select those line that touch one polygons two times and remove them.

Or, I would like to select lines that touch and connect different polygons.

I am using ArcGIS 10.4.1 with python, arcpy library.

I would be happy to have any suggestions to solve the case.

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it is hard to tell from the picture an example of a line that touches twice and where the intersection occurs.

Can you narrow in an example

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Here, polygons number 0 and polygon number 3 are connected with blue lines. But there are some lines in black that only touch one polygons, touching only polygon number 0 or polygons number 3.

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Hi Azimjon,

One way to accomplish this:

1.  Convert the lines end points to vertices using the Feature Vertices to Points

2.  Run a spatial join on the vertices point layer and the polygon layer

3.  Run the summary statistics tool on the spatial join output specifying the following:

LINE_ID = unique identifier for line feature class

ID = unique identifier for polygon feature class

4.  In the output table select all records that have a frequency of 2:

This will provide you with the unique LINE_ID for the features that touch the same polygon twice.