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DEM Reconditioning >> Empty AgreeDEM

Question asked by rlondeen on Feb 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2015 by MBoucher21

I am having issue with the terrain processing with ArcHydro.


ArcGIS Version: 10.2.2

ArcHydro Version: 10.2


Issue: Whenever I run the DEM Reconditioning tool I get an empty Agree DEM as an output.


My Steps:

1. Create project in a folder located on my Desktop (no spaces and relatively short file path)

2. Import master DEM raster for County

3. Import stream network for county (FEMA)

4. Create a polygon to setup mask boundary for project location.

5. Extract by mask the DEM to boundary

6. Clip wtr to boundary.

7. Create file geodatabase

8. Set extents to boundary layer

9. Set Target locations to job folder and geodatabase

10. Execute DEM Reconditioning


I am I doing something wrong in the process?