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content in soils along a river

05-30-2015 06:59 AM
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Hi everyone,

it´s my aim to produce a diagram which shows contents along a river (cf. attached example).

My initial situation: I have points of concentrations which are next to the river (cf. attached picture).

So far I only have had initial approaches but these do not lead me to my aim, yet. Anyway, maybe some inspiration:

  1. Segmentation of river
  2. Creation of buffers around these segments
  3. Assign points to buffered segment (Problems: 1. maybe several points in one segment 2. A point might be in two overlaying buffers)

Maybe there´s a possibility to pull the concentrations perpendicular to the river?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Mathias,

You can go for interpolation technique using the points of concentration. The output will be a grid data (Raster) where each pixel value would reflect the concentration of the material. You could repeat the same process with the values of different soil components.

Then you could symbolize the grid data appropriately (classified or stretched), so that they reflect the concentration of the soil components.

What else do you require?

Think Location
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Hi Jayanta,

Thanks for your reply, but I´d like to use the real measurement points, not the estimated content.

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