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Automatically update a field in an edit session

Question asked by jbailey.spatialbridge on Feb 24, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2015 by asengupta-esristaff



I'm looking for approaches to automatically update the value in a field using values from other fields within an edit session.


In one table, for example, I have three fields: [AD_HP], [TXT_DESIG], and [RWY_ID]. When a row in this table is edited, RWY_ID should have the value [AD_HP]  & ":" & [TXT_DESIG].


Using the Field Calculator is my fallback, as I'd prefer this to happen automatically and not have to rely on the user to remember to do this.


I've also looked at using database triggers, but this doesn't work well in a versioned geodatabase scenario.


I don't see anything in Production Mapping that might help with this.


Does anyone have other suggestions that might help?