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Fine-tuning settings for time enabled web map

Question asked by pheersinkesri-ca-esridist Employee on Feb 18, 2015

I am looking to create a time-enabled web map. i have no problem time-enabling the data and there is no problem animating it. I just want to fine tune some of the settings, specifically:

  • The advanced options only lists time intervals by week, month, year or equal. Each feature in my database has a specific date attaced to it and I would like to be able to set the interval by days.
  • When running the animation, each time it moves to the next interval, there is a gap between the disappearance of the features in the last interval and the appearance of features in the next interval resulting in a flashing behavior. I would prefer a smoother looking effect as is available in ArcMap.

Any suggestions or am I simply out of luck?