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How do I pass an address into my javascript API map using URL parameters?

Question asked by geohaskett on Feb 18, 2015
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I am using the latest version of the ESRI JavaScript API to build a basemap template.


What I would like to do is pass an address parameter into my map so that when it opens the map is zoomed into the address in question.  I am currently doing this with the Viewer for Flex using the following code:


Viewer for Flex: (link not active) Fordham St, Pocatello, Idaho


I came across this example for ArcGIS Online: new york st,redlands,ca


How do I do this with the JavaScript API for ESRI ArcGIS?

Do I need to define parameters within the code or can I simply pass URL parameters to the map like in the above examples to the geocode or locator widgets?


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