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Layering and Spatial Reference Issues Getting Started

Question asked by tcrw on Feb 18, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2015 by mnielsen-esristaff



I'm getting started with the GIS .Net SDK and I'm having some very basic issues getting started.


I am wanting to use features from my existing file geodatabase. I have published them from ArcMap without any problems as a .geodatabase file and this loads fine in my .net app.


The two main issues I have is that my features do not show up completely on the map if I define a basemap. Sometimes the label for one particular feature pops up, but I can also tell that they are not in the right spot. It's like it is not respecting the spatial reference of my feature tables.


I have tried to base this off tutorial code, but I'm not having any luck. 


I define my basemap in XAML, like the Hello World tutorial application. If I comment this out, my features end up drawing fine on a blank grid. I would think that the features should draw fine, because that should be the first layer drawn. On top of that, when the labels for a feature do appear to draw (though nothing else will) I can tell that the spatial reference for the features isn't being used correctly, as they are on the wrong part of the map.


I imagine both of these issues are what are causing my headaches.