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Runtime .Net Targeted Platforms (x86, 64, ARM, Any CPU)

02-20-2015 06:53 AM
Occasional Contributor

Will we have the ability to create libraries that are for any cpu rather than needing to create 3 different dlls for each platform (x86, 64 and ARM)? When deploying to Windows store it seems silly that we need 3 different products for a user to choose from.

If we have to create 3 different libraries, what are your thoughts on dealing with deployment to Windows store?

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Esri Notable Contributor

You will need to build and publish all 3 packages. This is because of the native code that it is built on.

The user would not have to choose from different packages - the correct one is automatically downloaded from the store.

The store already handles all this just fine - it's quite common actually (there are lots of native libraries now like SQLite, Bing Maps etc that all uses C++ and thus can't run as AnyCPU). Even the Visual Studio tool for creating the packages can create all 3 in one go. So they made it really easy.

It isn't impossible to accomplish AnyCPU (although it would require code changes from us), but it would involve deploying all 3 binaries in the app (which are fairly large each), so you will essentially triple the app size that customers are downloading - just so you didn't have to upload 3 packages.

You could of course just upload the x86 package - it would then be downloaded on x64, and the app wouldn't be available on ARM devices.

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