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centerlines from polygon canal network

Question asked by lunagolya on Feb 15, 2015
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I was wondering if anybody has recently converted a complex polygon or raster canal network to centerlines? ESRI toolboxes or third party tools are moving targets so some of the old threads are hard to apply. The canal polygon network that I have was created by cutting out nearly 20,000 mounds and agricultural beds from a shallow lake system (archaeological example). The remaining canal polygon network is one large complex polygon. I converted it to a raster and tried the raster to polyline tool but ended up with a polyline feature class that filled in the canal cells with 800 million lines after running for a couple days. Obviously, not what I was looking. I didn't try the ArcScan vectorization since my raster was 1 or no data and ArcScan requires a 2 value raster. I can convert my raster and give that a try. Not sure if there is a method to convert my complex polygon directly to lines (centerlines). I'll attribute the resulting lines after the fact so I just need to create the skeleton or centerline features. Any ideas are welcome.


Thanks, Greg