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The best python development environment for arc

Question asked by BrianKneller on Feb 12, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2015 by stsnider

HI I have tried to use pythonwin with an ESRI training script and it failed setting access to arcpy. The side effect was to stop ARCGIS and I was unable to restart. With help I got ARG running agin but was unable to access the tool boxes OK. I fixed that using ARC rebuild as I was unsure as to the source of the problem. I contacted the python win author -- no reply, I cannot uninstall the software either. To be fair it could be an ARC problem. However I need to use ARC but I have been put off by the lack of resilience using python win. I would like some advice please, is there a better,  more robust solution than python win? or if this is an ARC problem and did I miss something blinding obvious?