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ESRI ArcGIS API - Generate Navigation Nodes for pathing

Question asked by cmsamo on Feb 11, 2015

I may be seeing this too simply - But I thought I would ask anyway... I have a simplified set of GIS data which shows my floors, and rooms. The floors are either public, or restricted. There are certain rooms which allow you to pass from public to restricted, and vice versa. My desired goal is to have a set of navigation nodes, maintainable in my GIS system, which allow me to route people around my facility.


What I am interested in doing is having the API analyze my floor space, and automatically generate an array of navigation points. In ESRI terms, I believe this would be a Network Analysis data set? Is it possible to have the API run a query over the floor space (Excluding the rooms) and automatically generate the data, allowing me to provide a distance/granularity between the points?


Studying the Network Analysis tutorial - It seems this is perfectly doable in the GIS tool itself; One must add the navigation points one by one, and define them accordingly. I could do that in Javascript by clicking on my map, and outputting the list of created points, but I was wondering if there is a dynamic/automatic approach. This would be similar in concept to the nav-mesh approach that is possible in Unity or other such applications.


My current approach is to blanket my entire map with map markers (i.e. a grid) at 5m intervals,and then manually create new markers by clicking on the grid markers. It would be great if I could do a comparison check in Javascript first, and exclude the markers from being placed on the map, if the co-ordinates fall within a room or non-public space.


Any pointers or feedback most welcome