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Implementing ArcGIS Online Enterprise Logins with Existing Users

Question asked by Chris_Taylor on Feb 9, 2015
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We are looking into setting up enterprise logins using ADFS for our organization, but have many existing users.  In the early days of our ArcGIS Online organization we thought we were being helpful by trying to match new users' accounts to their AD usernames.  I remember hearing somewhere along the way that if we ever went to enterprise logins we would have to copy any affected user's content to a new & different user, delete their old AD-matched account, then copy the content back to their true ADFS account once EL has been implemented.


My question is how exactly does this all play out?  There's no real development environment to AGOL so I'd like to know what I'm facing before I try it.  Do all of the current AD-matched accounts have to be eliminated before we configure EL and 'flip the switch' so to speak?  If ELs are enabled with AD-matched accounts still out there, will it cause conflicts or issues?


Thanks for your help.

Chris Taylor

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