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WAB - popup box inconsistent sizes

Question asked by smcshinsky Champion on Feb 9, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2015 by smcshinsky

I am using web Appbuilder v.1 and when I identify on multiple layers I get a popup box that has an arrow to cycle through the identified features.


The problem is that when I click on the arrow to go to the next identified result the size of the box changes and the next arrow moves either up or down. It looks like the box is adjusting its size from  the center. So when you go from a big box to a small box the top and bottom condense towards the middle. I also noticed this same behavior on ArcGIS online.


Is there a way to only have the bottom slide up or to automatically have a set size so there is no adjustment on the box size as results are cycled through?




I have noticed this esri javascript example to kinda work the way I was thinking Popups with related records


It has the arrow pointing to the selected feature at the top of the popup. (as a side note it works once you got to the second selected feature)