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Calculating distance between many users of a handful of facilities, a small hangup

Question asked by ccoutts on Feb 7, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2015 by ccoutts

I know the ROUTENAME issue has been addressed many times in these forums over the past couple years.  I have scoured them and am hung up on one point.


In the shortest distance thread it is stated that "You might have to load multiple copies of the same park because multiple people use the same park."  In my case, these are facilities.


In the Re: Finding Distances Between Assigned Locations thread it is stated that "...your 368 locations are repeating. You could do this with some relates...", but there is not direction on how to use relates to generate repeated "locations."


I need to figure out how to make hundreds of duplicate copies of the same facility.  Once duplicated, I will then give each one of the hundreds of copies of the same facility a unique ID.  Then I can match the facility to the thousands of users of it using ROUTENAME.


It is just duplicating the facility that is hanging me up.  Please help.  Thanks.