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Help with adding attachments in AGOL and collector

Question asked by jnrgeo on Feb 6, 2015
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okay, so i used to be able to add attachments in collector with my android 4.4.2...I get an error message now..

So I tried to follow my steps in creating an app and making it editable.

I have a feature layer in AGOL that appears to be editable, as I can add a point in collector, but when i add a picture either from the camera or gallery, the picture fails to load.

So, in AGOL, the directions say to Click MY CONTENT, okay i did, Click the feature service name, I did,

then "

Enable edits

You can enable editing on a hosted feature layer if the people who access it need to edit the feature geometry or attributes. Follow the steps to edit web layer details, check Enable editing and allow editors to, and then choose what types of edits can be made.

You can choose among the following editing options:

  • Add, update, and delete features gives editors the most privileges of the three choices. Consequently, this setting requires the most trust of your editors to respect each others' edits. This setting allows editors to add, update, and delete feature geometry and alter the attributes of features.
  • Update feature attributes only is useful when you want editors to enter attribute information without changing any feature geometry. For example, you might have a set of observation towers whose locations should not be allowed to change, but whose attributes may be updated regularly.
  • Add features only is useful if you want editors to report new features to you and define their attributes, but you don't want them to delete or update existing features. For example, a community app that uses your feature layer to allow constituents to report broken water lines or inoperable streetlights would fall into this category. You want the constituents to report and describe new incidents but not change or delete the information reported by other constituents."""

I cannot find "Enable editing and allow editors to"....

What am i doing wrong? Where is this check box????

I have a feeling my problem is web server based, but I need to check the basics first...