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Problem hosting web map template in local web server

Question asked by tylininternational on Feb 5, 2015


This is the Webmap I have prepared in ArcGIS online.


I have downloaded a sample template from


Now I would like to host at local web server at

So I have uploaded the template into the local webserver


In this video I come to know that I can copy the layers from the web map in ArcGIS online to the web map hosting at local web server by copying a webmap id.


As per the information provided in “” file, I went to this link

I have made changes in the defaults.js as per the above mentioned link.  You can get the default.js file at

I have made changes in  "extent", “title”  & "itemId"

The result of this, the extents gets smaller and it’s not reflecting the layers from web map in ArcGIS online.


Please correct me where I am getting wrong. Any help will be highly appreciated.


With best regards,

From Prashant Kuranjekar