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syntax to query a featureLayer using date field with Arcgis JS api?

Question asked by JSnowD on Feb 4, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2015 by evtguy

i have a featureLayer in my JS map, (snapshot_mode), I can make queries on the layer as below (so my issue is specifically how query the layer based on a date field e.g. show all features newer than 01/01/2014) -


 featurelayer.setDefinitionExpression("status = 0"); // for example this is working


I have looked through the documentation, however no success... I am unable to query the layer based on a date field,
I have tried both a static ("date_created > 2014-01-01") as well as passing in a js date variable - "new date(...) and a couple of others,
I also saw there is a setTimeDefinition, which I also attempted to use, but still an unsuccessful outcome,

so, any advice on how to filter by date will be very much appreciated,