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How to kill all map click handlers at once

Question asked by kmsagis on Feb 3, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2015 by csergent08

Hi all.


Was wondering if there's a working sample or an easy way to just kill all the click handlers for the "map" object, at once.   Nuke it from orbit, so to speak.


(i.e. Measure, Identify, Pictometry, Editor, etc all competing). I know how to do them one by one for each different tool but it gets tedious, long and confusing.  There should be an esri method on the map object to remove all non-standard handlers (i.e. not counting pan, zoom, dbl click) although I am not aware of one. Didn't see any in a search. But I was wondering if perhaps someone has wired up such a pattern already? As of now I am mucking through trying to keep them from fighting each other one by one.  Perhaps something from the dojo or jquery world will help?  Hopefully this concept would not affect the standard nav handlers like mousewheel zoom in/out or doubleclick.  Perhaps they would have to be explicitly avoided, to preserve these.. not sure how to do it, yet, so I'm wondering if someone else has?