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ArcPy Table to Table Conversion Not Working Correctly

Question asked by geoffreywestgis on Jan 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2015 by mahtab.gis

I have a script which writes the lat/lng of a json web service of bus routes.  The script writes the latitude and longitude to a CSV correctly.  However my table to table conversion does not work correctly in Python.





#Make Python understand how to read things on the Internet
import urllib2

#Make Python understand the stuff in a page on the Internet is JSON
import json
from decimal import Decimal

# Make Python understand csvs
import csv

# Make Python know how to take a break so we don't hammer API and exceed rate limit
from time import sleep

# tell computer where to put CSV

# open it up, the w means we will write to it
writer = csv.writer(open(outfile_path, 'wb'))

#create a list with headings for our columns
headers = ['latitude', 'longitude']

#write the row of headings to our CSV file


# We need a loop because we have to do this for every JSON file we grab

#set a counter telling us how many times we've gone through the loop, this is the first time, so we'll set it at 1

#loop through pages of JSON returned, 100 is an arbitrary number
while i<2:
   #print out what number loop we are on, which will make it easier to track down problems when they appear
   print i
   #create the URL of the JSON file we want. We search for 'egypt', want English tweets,
#and set the number of tweets per JSON file to the max of 100, so we have to do as little looping as possible
   url = urllib2.Request('' + str(i))
   #use the JSON library to turn this file into a Pythonic data structure
   parsed_json = json.load(urllib2.urlopen(''))
   #now you have a giant dictionary.
#Type in parsed_json here to get a better look at this.
#You'll see the bulk of the content is contained inside the value that goes with the key, or label "results".
#Refer to results as an index. Just like list[1] refers to the second item in a list,
#dict['results'] refers to values associated with the key 'results'.
   print parsed_json

   #run through each item in results, and jump to an item in that dictionary, ex: the text of the tweet
   for items in parsed_json['items']:

   #initialize the row
   row = []
   #add every 'cell' to the row list, identifying the item just like an index in a list


   #once you have all the cells in there, write the row to your csv
   #increment our loop counter, now we're on the next time through the loop
   i = i +1
   #tell Python to rest for 5 secs, so we don't exceed our rate limit

   import arcpy
  arcpy.TableToTable_conversion(outfile_path, "C:\dev_folder\orginalDev.gdb", "jsoncsv2"



     This is my table output when running in Python.





         This is the output, when using ArcToolBox in ArcCatalog.