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Changing the Edit widget in order to add a button of OK after inserting a feature

Question asked by miribsystematics-co-il-esridist Employee on Jan 28, 2015



The Edit widget uses the Editor dijit that inserts automatically the feature after digitizing it on the map.

Our client wants a different behavior. He wants an OK button that only after clicking on it, the feature will be added to the layer.

The client was satisfied with what I wrote him before the Web App Builder. It was a small application (attached the html file) that used the AttributeInspector.

Now I find it difficult to combine it in the Edit widget. Whatever I did in widget.html, widget.js under Edit directory, I could not get rid of the basic screen of the Editor.

Since I'm pretty new to developing in the WebAppBuilder and this is very very urgent to the client, I ask for your help.


Thanks a lot,