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Use ArcGIS Collector with Custom ArcGIS Online Hosted Basemap?

Question asked by pohlinger on Jan 21, 2015
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I've been trying to use the collector app with a custom basemap to allow for editing of a utility feature service in the field, but I'm running into problems. The maps I have published that use my custom basemap and editable feature service show up in the collector app, but when I click them it tries to load, the screen flashes black, and it returns to the map selection screen on the app. I thought it may be because I'm using a custom basemap, so I tried adding my editable utility layer to the default arcgis online basemap and this map worked as expected within the app.


The basemap I'm using is here: Services Directory - VillageOfHobartBasemap(MapServer)


I can't share the actual map I tried using within collector because the utility data is sensitive.


Does anybody have an idea why I can't use this custom basemap within the collector app (android)? It's frustrating, because the default basemap won't serve our purposes. We need to be able to zoom into the scales that our basemap allows for (up to 1:280). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!