Track Edits not tracking Creator for off line collection

09-17-2014 08:56 AM
New Contributor III

We are using Collector for iOS (version 10.2.3) and have a feature service setup to track edits.  When we use an online map to collect data the user name is stored in the "Creator" field in the feature class.  When we use an offline map to collect data after synching the data we find the "Creator" and "Editor" fields empty but the "Creator Date" and "Editor Date" fields seem to be correctly populated.

Is this behavior for offline maps expected or is this bug?

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Esri Notable Contributor

This is a known limitation in the app today. We do not have support for hosted features and editor tracking. It is something we are working on for our 10.3 release.


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In the field, users sometimes may lose cellular signals.

I am concerned that no tracking points would be collected during the time.

Any enhancement in the future? (i.e. saving points in the local temporally and synchronizing later)

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Esri Notable Contributor

This is something we would like to add as an enhancement to the app but will not be in the upcoming update. For now it will work if you have downloaded your data locally to the device before going out and collecting data into areas where you can lose connection.