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Attribute Inspector custom buttons not shown when editing a feature service with delete/update operations disabled

Question asked by lmmccosham on Jan 19, 2015



I've created a web application with an editor that allows the user to create new points but not edit or delete existing ones. I've added a 'close' button to the bottom of the attribute inspector (where the delete button would be if delete/update capabilities were enabled) that will allow the user to dismiss the form after completing it. However, the new button is only displayed when the feature service has delete/update capabilities enabled. If I disable update or delete capabilities, no buttons are shown at the bottom of the attribute inspector when a point is created. If delete/update are disabled, the button will work when the attribute inspector is open to view an existing point, but not when creating a new point. Does anybody know what could be causing this? The code I used to create the button is below:



attInspector = this.editor.attributeInspector;

closeButton = new Button({ label: "Close", "class": "closeButton"},domConstruct.create("div"));, attInspector.domNode, "after");