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Id task, spatial references and printing

Question asked by amarsden on Jan 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2015 by amarsden

OK - I have an ID task.  it pushes results into a HTML table and stores the returned geometries in an array and the HTML table has and extra "highlight" button that, well, highlights the feature into a graphics layer.


I have a draw tool bar that allows custom graphics to the same graphics layer.


However when I use printemplate way of printing the highlight graphics fail to print.  The user added graphics (remember, the same graphics layer) works.


I have context thingy on my user graphics layer, that allows edit, move etc. If I select the highlight graphic so that the resize handles appear and then print i get the resize handles but still not the graphic


So, what is different?  The only thing I can see is that my user added graphics are in the same projection as the map, 27700.


So, I specify that the results from the ID task should be in 27700 (they get returned in 4326) by adding


       var sr = new esri.SpatialReference(27700);

        identifyParams.spatialReference = sr


And yet the results still return in 4326!


So, two questions - 1) is by diagnostics likely to be correct, that the projectiion is at fault & 2) why don't the identifyParams stick?