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How to access the mapscale on the standard toolbar programmatically?

Question asked by tedrakel on Jan 14, 2015

In ArcMap, on the standard toolbar, there is a map scale control.  It has a drop down list of map scales and allows the user to customize the list.  I have to create a tool that needs almost the same functionality.  So I thought that rather than re-invent the wheel, I'd make use of the map scale control on the standard toolbar.  Is it possible to access the map scale control on the standard toolbar from another ICommand?  I just need to get the set of possible scales and populate a combo box with them.  I don't need to customize the list, or actually change the scale in the data frame, I just need to let a user pick from a list.  I just want that list populated with the same items that are available from the map control on the standard toolbar.