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Generating the centroid of multiple points

Question asked by LoneWolfCA on Jan 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2015 by xander_bakker

I am getting to the point where I am over thinking the problem.  I have a street layer and I have generated a geodatabase street network, so I can get the intersection points for the street network.  This not a single line street network, but regular streets layer where collector roads can have two line segments representing the E-W or N-S directions on separate line segments.  My issue is where two sets of collector roads meet at one intersection.  At this location I can have 8 arcs feeing into 4 intersection points to represent one one road intersection.  See attached document.


I need to find the point centroid of the intersect!!!  I was going down the route of finding the clusters of points and buffering, with the intention of creating a point centroid of the buffer polygon.  This has not been working so well because there is not a common attribute to dissolve of buffers on for each polygon.


I then went down the path density based clustering, but cannot determine the proper attributes once again.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.