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HTTP map service from app hosted via HTTPS: blocked loading mixed active content

Question asked by mjschmo on Jan 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2015 by mjschmo

I have a web app hosted via HTTPS that is trying to load basemaps (or cached map services from a Data Appliance) from a different ArcGIS Server that does not have SSL enabled (and which I don't control).


I thought tile images were inactive content and I would not be getting "Blocked loading mixed active content ..." errors in my app, but I am getting that error on load due to an apparent API query of the map service! 


Can that query ("http://<server>/arcgis/rest/services/World_Topo_Map/MapServer/f=json") be disabled or mitigated somehow?  It is unlikely I can influence the server admins to enable SSL, so using HTTPS is not an option.