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invalidated UpdateCursor when unsing GDB

Question asked by StefanKaps on Jan 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2015 by jskinner-esristaff

Dear collegues,

I have written an arcpy script which gets its input from a shapefile. Everything worked fine. Now I am trying to change the script to a file geodatabase (script is nealry the same) an I get the error massage "The cursor has been invalidated because the edit operation has stopped."


The script includes an UpdateCursor and the error appears at updateRow(). Another strange thing is, that the first iteration works fine, and the error appears when doing the second iteration.. Does somebody know where the difference between "updateCursor - shapefile" and "updateCursor - file geodatabase" is?


I am working with ArcGIS 10.2, Python 2.7, Windows7.


Does anybody know this kind of error?


Best regards,