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How to add shapefile on basemap without open file dialog

Question asked by mgambone2 on Jan 6, 2015
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I'm trying to modify the JavaScript for adding shapefile to a basemap (script found here:  Add shapefile | ArcGIS API for JavaScript ).  However, I'm trying to get this functionality on my website whereby user specifies the shapefile's filename; then behind the scene, the script retrieves the shapefile from a folder in the website and adds the specified shapefile to the basemap.


How do I do this?  Been trying but unsuccessful.  I have an HTML button that I want the user to click and (without navigating to the location of the shapefile--since it's a website), the shapefile is added.  So, I'm trying to achieve something like the following for the button:



<button type="submit" id="btnAddShp" name="Command" value="Add Shapefile" class="btn btn-cyan2 btn-sm" onclick="addShapefile()">Add Shapefile</button>


Appreciate any help.