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Batch Geocoding in Web App Builder?

Question asked by Langdon.Sanders on Dec 30, 2014
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I am looking for resources on how to implement a batch geocoding widget in the Web App Builder.  The current geocoder only takes one line input for addresses.


We have ArcGIS server hosting REST address locators.  These locators can be used in ArcMap to batch geocode a table of addresses without a problem.


Ideally, we would like users of our web application made via the Web App Builder to upload a csv table of addresses as an input which would then be geocoded and displayed on the web app map.  We would like to use our own geocode service and not the ArcGIS online service.  My best guess would be to publish a geoprocesssing service of a successful geocode, then use this in the geoprocessing widget in the Web App Builder.


Will I need to write a custom widget using the JS API Locator and request?


Has anybody been successful in batch geocoding in the Web App Builder?  I have seen examples of Flex widgets and our previous .net application had this functionality.


Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.