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Accessing ArcGIS JS API (events, adding custom layers, dynamically changing labels, etc) in a WAB app?

Question asked by azendel on Dec 30, 2014

I've successfully:


1) created a map in AGO,

2) created a WAB app on AGO that points at map in #1

3) downloaded the "WAB Developer Addition"

4) configured a local version of the app in #2 by pasting the js code into config.json

5) ran the app on our local webserver


Using the ArcGIS JS API, how can I do things like the following in my locally hosted web app:

-- add a feature layer?

-- dynamically create and change labels when the map is panned or zoomed?

-- dynamically change symbology of feature layers?

-- programmatically toggle layer visibility?



Is that possible when using WAB?  If so, where do I put the code to that?