Solving the Query Issue

01-01-2015 03:24 PM
New Contributor II

When creating custom search queries, I was having trouble querying my data.  I found out the problem, it seems if you group many items into one query your searches may work once and then not work a second time. Then if you try and search something different from your list of queries they don't work at all.  If you separate the queries independently they work fine.  It seems to me like you would want to potentially have many search options per query icon; not  just one.  Here is my search query with many search options, they work maybe once and then that is it.  The work around that I found is to create a separate query for each operation.  If your map has many things to search then this could mean many search icons making the map too cluttered. Hopefully this issue can get resolved.  Maybe it was only designed to have items grouped that have the same feature layer.


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