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OAuthInfo parameters

Question asked by workplayce1 on Dec 29, 2014

OAuthInfo | API Reference | ArcGIS API for JavaScript


In the API documentation for OAuthInfo, what is the difference for parameters:

expiration and minTimeUntilExpiration.


In the _checkSignIn function is it possible to use these values to control the expiration period of the token?


_checkSignIn: function () {

            var deferred, signedIn;

            deferred = new Deferred();


            //If there's an oauth appid specified register it

            if (this.config.oauthappid) {

                var oAuthInfo = new ArcGISOAuthInfo({

                    appId: this.config.oauthappid,

                    popup: true





            // check sign-in status

            signedIn = IdentityManager.checkSignInStatus(this.config.sharinghost + "/sharing");

            // resolve regardless of signed in or not.

            signedIn.promise.always(function () {



            return deferred.promise;



Note: this.config.oauthappid is null.