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SQL Query Question

Question asked by rcsellman on Dec 30, 2014
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I'm trying to write a SQL query that takes values from two inputs.  Below is what I have so far:


queryParcels.where = "PARID LIKE '" + "%" + dom.byId("parcelText").value  + "'" + " OR ADDR LIKE '" + "%" + dom.byId("addrText").value + "'";

The query executes fine but the issue I am having is when one of inputs is left empty.  When this occurs, the query that's sent to the server has '%' in it which returns the maximum amount of records from the server.   Even if I leave the wildcards out, I get similar results.  For example,  below are the the query string parameters when I enter a value for the parcel number, but leave the address value empty:


  1. f:json
  2. where:PARID LIKE '%6760621' OR ADDR LIKE '%'
  3. returnGeometry:true
  4. spatialRel:esriSpatialRelIntersects
  6. outSR:102100






Is there a way to insert NULL into the where clause if an input is left empty?