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AGOL disable Sync on hosted feature service

Question asked by JamesVaughan on Dec 29, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2015 by JamesVaughan

I am the owner of a hosted feature service and its associated uploaded shapefile in ArcGIS Online, and I have the administrator role in our account.


Recently, I used the "Overwrite" function under "View Item Details" to upload a new zipped shapefile and replace the old contents of the feature service.  The upload went OK and the results are correct, but the feature service now has the "Sync" property enabled, and the associated checkbox under "View Item Details" -> "Edit" is greyed out, so I cannot un-check it.


That means that I can never do the above again, because "Overwrite" is not available for items which have disconnected editing (i.e. Sync) enabled.


Apparently the administrator role (which I have) is necessary to change disconnected editing, but I see nothing under either the feature service details or "My Organization" -> "Edit Settings" that seems to pertain to this.


Does anyone know how I can disable Sync/disconnected editing on the feature service?  I will need to update the feature service again in a few months.