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AGOL replica removal

Question asked by Justin_aus on Jul 19, 2015
Latest reply on May 9, 2018 by crabtreed



I am trying to update two feature services that belong to one map.  All hosted on AGOL.


I have previously never had any trouble however I now get an error right at the end that says:


"Packaging succeeded, but publishing failed. Service cannot be overwritten if Sync is enabled and Replicas exist"


This map can be taken offline in Collector.  I assume this means that someone has synced the map on their iPad and I cannot overwrite the feature services until they remove that sync.


Is it possible to see which user has the map synced so I can contact them or can I just override the lock somehow?


Neither of these feature services are editable. So overriding the lock won't orphan any data.


I have looked online and it appears you can do both if you are using a server but no mention of it if everything is hosted on AGOL.