Javascript 3.12 Samples: TOC doesn't match up with search results

Discussion created by kenbuja Champion on Dec 23, 2014

The samples listed in the Table of Contents do not match up with the search listings on the right for many of the groups.


Latest Samples (none match)

Analysis (Using DataAdapterFeatureLayer included in TOC, LayerSwipe widget included in search results)

Geocoding (Geocoder with custom service included in search resultst)

Map (LayerSwipe widget included in TOC)

Mobile (Geolocation with a temporal renderer included in TOC)

Online and Portal (Add shapefile, Find group ID, OAuth Basic, OAuth Popup included in TOC)

Query and Select (Using FeatureTable, Using FeatureTable (no map) included in TOC, Query with Feature Layer included in search results)

Vector Feature Layers(dgrid, Using DataAdapterFeatureLayer included in search results)