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dashboard feature service crashing

Question asked by jkindave on Dec 16, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2015 by peterg

Recently upgraded to 10.3.  All desktops and server too.  Server "upgrade" turned out to be not an upgrade at all but rather more of a re-install but in the end everything was completed.  I had to re-publish all of the hosted services but they all run fine with a single exception, dashboard.  We can no longer open any dashboard or create a new one with an ArcGIS Online map having a feature service.  Dashboard just bombs (i.e. the application has stopped working...white screen...).  It doesn't matter if we publish new or use one of the existing services, dashboards dumps.  Dashboard works fine with map services.  We can even specify the mapserver path of a feature service that gives us problems and it works.  Alas, we need to use the feature service so we're stuck.


Looking for a little help over here...