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Static Images not showing up in the Main Stage from URL (Map Journal)

Question asked by newell.kate on Dec 15, 2014
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I have a Map Journal that I put together with images from Flickr.  These images were provided by our Museum and I was under the impression that once they were loaded into the Map Journal, I could turn my Flickr settings on the albumn to "Private".  The museum does not want people easily searching these images, etc.


Turns out, the images need to be public in Flickr as now all my links in the Map Journal are broken and display the Flickr "Image not available" message since turning them "Private" in Flickr. And even more frustrating, when I turned the album back to "Public", the images in the map journal that pointed to Flickr are still broken.


So, I have resorted to hosting the images in a web folder and linking to them via URL (Museum feels better about this option).  HOWEVER, when I go into edit mode in my Map Journal, I can re-point all the images in the side panel with no problem.  But when I re-point the images (static images) in the main stage, there is no error saying that it didn't' work, but the images do not show up.


See #1 - #3 in the Map Journal:


I'm already really bummed to have re-point all of these images (almost 100!) from Flickr, but even more bummed that it is not working to re-point with no helpful error messages

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!!!