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Flex to JavaScript migration: Advice/Suggestions?

Question asked by 95vtec on Dec 12, 2014
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I am a GIS Analyst for a county government, and I am in the initial planning stages of switching the county's web map from a (customized) Flex Viewer - based application to something that uses the JavaScript API and/or Web AppBuilder. I'm looking to maintain the advanced functionality of the current site all while leaving Flex behind, so something that is "out of the box" would most likely be "out of the question".


  • Has anyone had experience in doing this?  If so, what risks were involved?
  • What would be the most efficient way to do this?  I have a decent amount of experience with JS so custom coding is not a huge deal.
  • At first, the application would need to keep similair widgets (do not want to change everything all at once!); is there the risk of losing some of our widgets and/or functionality when switching to a JS-based application?


Any advice on this switch would be greatly appreciated!