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Can the Attachment Editor work with an ArcServer Workgroup Database?

Question asked by JCAD1 on Dec 12, 2014

In order to publish a map to our ArcServer 10.2 Workgroup Standard with the Feature Access enabled, it appears that I am required to create an enterprise geodatabase, something I have recently discovered is disallowed with Workgroup. I have a sqlexpress install and a workgroup database, but it appears that Feature Access only works with enterprise geodatabases.


1. Is there a work around to get feature access to work?

2. Alternatively, is there a way to use the attachment editor widget without needing to publish feature access (I understand there is not, per another discussion)?

3. Lastly, my ultimate goal is to have my users make changes to attributes of my tax parcels and attach images on my map which I have provided through the JavaScript API. If there is another preferred solution to accomplish these things I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.