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{error: {code: Forbidden,message:"Proxy is being used from an unsupported referer: "}}

Question asked by walterdziuba on Dec 12, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2015 by wspiking

Am attempting to use a secure service and the API to pass credentials to my web map, but end up getting the following error after all the configuration is completed:


{error: {code: Forbidden,message:"Proxy is being used from an unsupported referer: "}}


Here are my steps:

1. downloaded the lastest proxy from GitHub

2. downloaded the public information template from GitHub

3. Configured the default.js file with my webmap id and oauthappid from my registered web map

4. Set the proxyurl in the default.js file to my local root directory

5. Added the urlUtils.addProxyRule in my template.js file to be the following:



  urlPrefix: "",

  proxyUrl: "/PublicInfoProxy/proxy.ashx"


6. Added my allowReferers="http://localhost/DayTwo,https://localhost/DayTwo" and set mustMatch="false"

7. Added the appid and app secret to the lines under serverUrl in my proxy.config file with the matchAll="true"

8. Changed the web.config file to reflect the logging abilities of the initializeData="c:\tmp......


When I run the app, and watch the network activities using the Chrome developer tools, it gets to a line and just times out.

When I input the Request Url that's in the network tab, into a brower, I get the error I've mentioned above.


Also, although it seems that the proxy page is being accessed, no log file is being produced.

I saw only one other post regarding this error, but I did not understand the solution.


Any assistance would be appreciated.....Walter