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basemapGallery map switching issue

Question asked by nico32 on Dec 3, 2014
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during implementation of basemapGallery for basemaps switching I came to the issue when some basemaps are not loaded after switch on.

I have got 3 maps that have tileInfo and are cached and one that have no tileInfo and it is not cached. When the basemap with no cache is inserted as first into basemapGallery, the others cached maps will not show after switch. Server will not send any images, only OK response for .../MapServer?f=json request.

If I put into basemapGallery as first another basemap with tileInfo and cache, then I am able to switch between all basemaps. If I want to have shown as first the basemap with no cache, the workaround is also to put it as last and after map load event select last basemap in basemapGallery. Then also everything is working fine.


What is the root cause of this issue please. I've got feeling that it could have something with extent or levels of detail or so, because also zoom buttons are not disabled in that case. How to solve it with no workaround? Where is the fail? Am I doing something wrong or should I add some option in map or layer creation?


Many thanks for your answers and help.


It could be reproduced even with slightly modified basemapGallery sample code:

Basemap Gallery - user-defined items | ArcGIS API for JavaScript


        Select Basemap