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Question asked by jelincic on Nov 30, 2014
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I am a wildlife biologist, new to ArcGIS, and I have been trying to make it through a project that I am finding I need a lot of help with.


I used GPS tags that are actually for human activity on seabirds off the coast of California. These tags are called "i-gotU" (MobileAction Technology - i-gotU Official Site. ) and the model I used was the GT-120. I programmed them to record data on the bird's location every 10 minutes for 2-14 days. The idea is to figure out during the breeding season, where the birds are making their foraging trips. Our findings have shown that even though these birds breed on islands and are supposed to be foraging out at sea, they are going to areas developed by humans- from garbage dumps to parking lots. What I would like to do first is input these foraging trips into ArcGIS, showing the paths that these animals take. Then, I would like to use this information to talk about the percentage of time that the animals are spending in which areas of land (land use/cover). Can anyone help me with the steps I need to take in order to do this?


This is a sample of the type of data the GPS tags collect, currently saved as "gpx" files:




<trkpt lat="37.698261" lon="-123.003296">






Thank you so much for your time, I really appreciate anyone who is willing to read and/or help.