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Running python from cmd window works well, how to run from toolbox???

Question asked by ben_vk on Nov 24, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2014 by curtvprice

Hi All,


I have a python script that I have just written and I am able to run it quite simply by opening the CMD window, and typing >>>python and it runs great, it shows me all my print commands as it runs through.


Now I have it working I want to add it to my Toolbox so I can simply run the script once a week to do what I have set it to do.


I have quite simply right clicked the toolbox, and selected ADD | Script... I then get it to point at my file, and thats it.


So then I go back to the script in my catalog, and double click it and it runs. But unfortunately I am unable to see any of the Print statements as its the esri window, it only lets me know when its complete.


Basically see the first screenshot of the text the script prints out, this is what I like...

2014-11-25_12-58-31_CWindowssystem32cmd.exe - python



See this second screen shot, this is the ESRI version, I am hoping to get all my print statements to show in this window... is it at all possible??

2014-11-25_13-08-06_View Connected Users.jpg


Thanks heaps for your time.