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How can I join all data of two raster datasets in ArcMap 10.2?

Question asked by jkamp1 on Nov 24, 2014
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I have two raster datasets in ArcMap10.2. One is displaying rails and one that is displaying a 100m Buffer to both sides of it. My cellsize is 100x100m. What I want is to combine the rails AND the Buffer around it in one raster. All tools that I used only display the overlapping rasters in the new raster dataset, but I want to have ALL data in the new raster.


I tried Multiply and Plus in the raster calculator. I tried 'Mosaic To New Raster'. I tried merge... Actually I tried all possible union, combine, merge, join etc functions that I know about in ArcGIS. Either they just don´t work or I don´t get the result that I want.


Does anyone know how I can join the two rasters to have all data in the new layer?