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JavaScript API 3.11 Adding label adds html tag in data

Question asked by dar104 on Nov 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2015 by dar104

When I add a label to a chart with the following:

fieldInfos: [{

                fieldName: "hosp_beds",

                label: "Total Beds"


                fieldName: "icu_beds",

                label: "ICU Beds"



The data element passed has the following values.

hosp_beds: "<span class='esriNumericValue'>32</span>"

icu_beds: "<span class='esriNumericValue'>3</span>"


This is fine for just labels but I process the data elements and I expect a number only and not html tags.  This didn't happen prior to 3.10.  Any idea if this is a bug or a change?